Beer is the best  familiar drink for people in the world.
But for Japanese,beer is just to appease one's thirst.
We would like people to have a great moment with our beer.
  「SLOW BEER SLOW LIFE」 is our wish for the people.



Four elements to enjoy Numazu Craft



Kakita-river is the greatest  spring water best100 in Japan.
The spring water come out 100 million ton per a day with melted snow.
The water contains about 1.40mg calsium and 0.94mg natrium per 100ml.
The hardness  is 48.0mg∼61.0mg which is very soft water and very easy to drink for Japanese.


Our brewhouse is made by Portland Kettle Works form Oregon in USA.
The brewhouse is very efficient and high quality.
Good brewhouse is neccesary for a good beer.



Our malts are mainly Crisp from the UK and Weyermann from Germany.
Hops are imported from 5 countries.
We use about 15 kinds of whole hops and 3 kinds of  pellet type hops. 

Hand Craft


Our beers are not too hoppy or too bitter or too strong.
We focus on total balance between malt and hop and water.
Our beers are not  outstanding,but high quality with gently work.

Company Profile
Company nameKakitagawaBrewing Co., Ltd.
Location2-8-10 Senbonmidorichou Numazu,Sizuoka Prefecture 410-0855
Phone number+81-55-919-6473
FoundingOctober 14,2016
Capital9million yen(As of October 2017)
Business contentsProduction and sales of beer
Number of employees4 people
Directly managed storeBEER FIELD
Access map

Nearest stationTokaido Main Line · Gotemba Line Numazu Station
Walking20 minutes from Numazu Station South Exit
BusIt is 5 minutes by boarding to Numazu harbor.Get off at the 6th
Asahi-cho.It is 1 minute walk from there.
Car5 minutes from Numazu Station South Exit.There is no private parking lot.
There is a chargeable parking lot near you.

〒410-0855 静岡県沼津市千本緑町2-8-10